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Welcome, Survivors! You’ve stumbled upon Aftereffects, a thriving DayZ gaming community where survivalists gather to share adventures, forge alliances, and, sometimes, cross swords. Whether you’re a lone wolf or pack-oriented, there’s a place for you here in our apocalyptic world!

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Reimagined, Redefined.
Modded DayZ Server

Aftereffect is a DayZ server focused on unlocking the game’s full modding potential. Our mission is to continuously innovate and enhance the DayZ gaming experience for our community. Join us in pushing the boundaries of DayZ modding and creating the best possible gaming experience!

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New survivors joining us in Aftereffects receive a welcoming gift of 100K to jumpstart their journey! This initial boost offers you the flexibility to gear up and navigate through the world of DayZ with added confidence and resilience. Step into the realm of the unknown well-equipped!

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