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Getting started – Fresh Spawn

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    So you just spawned in for the first time, where should you start? Instead of aimlessly running through the woods, randomly looting, and dying of starvation, use this guide to learn about server and the best way to get started!

    To get started, I recommend spawning in at Stonington or Hazelands. These spawn locations are closes the the South Safe Zone where you can claim the 100k startup fund and get supplies.

    Now that you got to Safe Zone, you are going to want to gear up and prepare for your first loot run. Here are the stores you have access to:


    This store has all the basic guns, ammo and attachments. NOTE: You are not able to purchase tappers here. Those are only available at black Market.

    This is where you can buy backpacks, pouches, helmets, and all other apparel to maximize loot slots.

    This is were you can buy basic medical supplies. I recommend you keep Tetracycline Pills and Multivitamins on you incase you get sick.

    Construction/Base Supplies:
    This is were you can purchase stuff for your base such as a sleeping bag, storage containers and more.

    This is were you can buy food and drinks. I also keep at least a canteen and a fwinkies on me at all times.

    This is where you can list items to trade with other players

    Now that you are geared up and ready to go, its time to head out on your first loot run!

    The best place to loot near South Safe Zone is Paris Island.

    I recommend you loot for keycards, postal silencers (sell for $7k ea), any guns, and always loot for special items like cannabis seeds, VCRs and Pokémon cards.


    If you collect all the Pokémon cards you get a big rewards from admin!

    This is a PVP server. Paris Island is one of the hottest combat zones on the map. But with high risk comes high reward!

    After you are filled up on loot head back to safezone. You should be able to make 30K-200K per run depending on loot.

    I recommend hitting Paris Island for a few runs and save up enough to get a helicopter. You can purchase a mini-heli for 500k at the Heli Store.

    Now that you got a heli you can get anywhere on the map within about 5 mins! At this point you should look for a good place to build a base. Deerisle has over 160 caves so there are lots of options for you!

    I hope this guide is hopeful and makes the starting process a little easier! Have fun 🙂

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