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New player animation

To use the new player animations hold down . ( Period ) you can then choose between Sounds Packs , Emote Packs , Dance Packs , continue to hold down . ( Period ) until you have selected the Emote you want

BANKING is now BACK located in the safe zone BIG yellow ATM cant miss it!

Parachutes have been removed until further notice ( Parachutes were conflicting with banking somehow no idea how but they were the dev and i removed them an boom banking works )

Crash problems we think have been addressed of course keep in mind the random host outage or sever outage still could happen were on the internet after all

NEW VEHICLES as followed – Please be patient while i finish adding these to the trader

  • Warthog M12S (4 Variants)
  • BTR4E (1 Variants – MORE COMING SOON)(TEMP DISABLED)(Mod creator is working on a fix to work with the newest version of DayZ
  • Jeep Gladiator Rubicon (5 Variants)
  • Ford Raptor Monster Truck (4 Variants)

Removed items – Cars For All mod ( The reason for me removing this mod was the BTR was broken an i wanted to make room for better ones like the new ones just purchased PLEASE KEEP IN MIND IF YOU OWNED ANY OF THE FOLLOWING CARS OR TRUCKS THEY WILL SOON BEN %100 GONE AS THE MOD IS NOW GONE
Cars that have been removed

  • VAZ_2108
  • TruenoAE86
  • Interceptor
  • UAZ469_offroad
  • UAZ_3909
  • EGER
  • BTR
  • Gaz71

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